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Business and Leadership Coach

Coach: Ghita Georgiana
Coaching Categories:
Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Relationship Coaching


I am Georgiana and I am an ICF certified coach – ACC. I enjoy accompanying people in self-discovery and in the development of personal relationships so that they can fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Coaching service details

Price range $80 Euros - $120 Euros ($USD)

* Prices indicated by coaches are approximate hourly rates. Please contact coaches directly for further details.

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Industry specialisations
Human Resources & Recruitment, Information & Communication Technology

Qualifications & Specialities

I have more than 1 year of training, learning and practice in coaching. I am ICF certified coach - ACC. I have an academic background in Social Sciences and Human Resources.

Industry Accreditations

ICF Accreditation - ACC

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Location / Contacts :

Address: Bucharest, România
Phone: 004748963626
Email: Contact this Coach
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