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Coach Priyanka Dutta

Coach: Priyanka Dutta
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Hello there,
I know one thing for sure and that is: Those who take responsibility are the ones who make this world a better place to live in & create magic in the world. From being a victim to a creator myself, I have been there; transformed, healed & done the work on myself & it continues. I found my purpose this lifetime as being in service for people whom I am meant to serve, help them transform, heal & be the catalyst in their conscious creation.
From being a person lacking in self-worth, inner confidence, courage & feeling inauthentic most of the time, I turned into someone who is comfortable in my skin, love who I am, honour my truth and live an authentic life. I am not going to convince you to hire me as your coach but trust yourself enough to make a choice that is right for you. I want you to be that person who can choose beyond the facts and make that decision which feels right for you. There’s nothing as good or bad, everything has a purpose and if I am someone you would love to connect with & feel called to, do let your guards down, I am there for you.

I am a PCC- ICF Coach by profession, who is curious, loves to travel around the world, connect with people at a deeper level, a spiritual warrior & learner for life. To know more about me, check out my website & other social links:

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I have been coaching towards the end of 2017. Prior to this, I worked in the corporate as an HR professional. I transitioned from being an HR to a Coach having an independent practice now. I love 1:1 deep coaching. If you check my website, you'll find a video on my client testimonials and also on my LinkedIn profile, you'll see direct testimonials from my coaching clients. Do have a look at those.
I am grateful & proud of my achievements, deep self-work & my actualization journey thus far. It reminds me of our possibilities & who we truly are. Every time I coach, I grow and I attribute my success to my clients.
• Featured in #Forbes India Marquee May 2021
• Received the #recognition as “101 Most Fabulous Coaching Leaders, India” by World HRD Congress, ET NOW & Canadian University Dubai in 2020
• ICF Credentialed Coach, PPC
• Certified Life & Organizational Development Coach from ICF accredited Symbiosis Coaching, USA
• Certified Shinpiden, Reiki Master
• Certified Practitioner of Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360)
• Completed Fully Accredited Heal Your Inner Child Diploma Course
• Attended a Leadership & Coach Intensive hosted by Evergrowth Coaching Inc., Victoria BC, Canada on deep transformative work & modelling of coaching
• Attended a world class Coach Intensive by Master Coach Rich Litvin at Los Angeles, USA on Fearless, Deep & Transformative Coaching
• Attended Coach Tim Peek’s intensive on Mindful & Conscious Leadership
• MBA (HR) from Tezpur Central University, India
• Completed Intuition, self-care, and spiritual care by Michelle Dixon
• Trained in NLP & Psychodrama
• Attended Teal Swan & Sadhguru’s training programs
• Attended one on one Shamanic Breathwork Session by Prem Luca Firewolf & Master Shamanic Journeying Ritual & Ceremony by Sharon Ramel
• Completed ‘How Music Can Change Your Life’ from The University of Melbourne (MOOC)
• Attended a coach retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
• Completed Spiritual Warrior In Training Level 1 by Iyanla Vanzant

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Address: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Phone: +91 9958114991
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