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Coach: Dr. Lilian Tsiavou
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Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching


Are you a learning enthusiast? So am I! Are you keen on self-improvement? That applies
to me, too! Would you like me to join you to this treasure hunt, where the treasure is
Since it has always fascinated me to recognize people’s potential, I would be thrilled to
discover yours and to support you during your personal and professional journey. The
moment I see this sparkle of awareness and empowerment in your eyes is the most
fulfilling present you could give me during our coaching partnership!
In my experience, the most valuable investment is in yourself, if you want to live a life full
of meaning, to chose your perspective and your leading style, to achieve your goals, to act
taking responsibility of your mental freedom. As you know, this is crucial for your
psychological and physical health. I’ me here to accompany you to uphold your
Maybe your way towards this, passes through your profession: If you are considering
about what career or which career path you should choose, Career Coaching is the
appropriate for you. Career Coaching can also support you to organize your short or long
term tasks, to set priorities and to create an action plan.
Executives either from the corporate or the academic environment could benefit the most
out of Executive and Leadership Coaching, when handling with issues as leadership
styles, diversity and interculturality management. In their case, coaching could help them
to develop copying skills for their competitive environment, in order to increase their own
or their team’s performance, creativity and productivity and to decide their leading style,
when it comes to difficult decisions. Least but not last, an important and often neglected
aspect for executive’s is to preserve their life-work balance.
Business Coaching is for people, who are willing to expand their company and are open
to a new venture. Growing your business might sound sometimes overwhelming, but I
could support you to develop a strategic plan and to keep you focused on your
professional vision. Even if you “only” want to improve the marketing and selling tactic,
coaching could be useful for its implementation.
Life coaching is right for you, if you don’t feel satisfied with something in your personal
life. There is the need to change something, to break the couch, but something is holding
you back. If you don’t know how to do it and what to begin with, I could assist you to
envision your ideal life style and to go for it by planning your personal and professional
growth. I’m sure, you have a lot of resources already and they are “waiting” to be used and
to lead you successfully to your vision!

Usually, when you struggle with something, there is the need to change the narrative of
your life. Mindset Coaching can support you to clear things up, so that you can see your
real you: you will be able to free yourself from limiting beliefs, mental blocks and unhelpful
thoughts, to optimize the way you perceive your personal value. How could you achieve
that? By changing your gaze at what really matters, by constituting a daily routine and
initiating new behaviors -and I’m here to show you that is manageable, that you can do it.
Our sessions could take place either in person or online or by phone. Although the
achievement of the best results depends on the goal setting, it is recommended to meet 6-
12 times, that means once a week or every two weeks. The appointments will be adjusted
to fit to your program, so that you can make the best use of them.
If you are interested in a group coaching session to awake your team’s potential, to
enhance team bonding, to cultivate soft skills, or to motivate your employees, then we
could meet online or in person over a 3-6 hours workshop. An ideal method to achieve
quick results is Cinema Coaching, since it functions on the basis of common cinematic
experience and inspires them to discover alternatives and to act.
From a coaching training could profit your team or your colleagues, when it comes to
complicated and multilevel topics, such as diversion, multiculturality or communication. In
this case is Cinema Coaching also recommended, because it helps to visualize and
hereby to clarify difficult issues. Besides, it engages the participants to shift their
perspective and to implement immediately their new gained awareness. Trainings could
last 3-6 hours.
What should you expect of the coaching services?
Development, awareness, leadership management, clarity, change support, tasks
prioritization, discovering of alternatives, empowerment, mindfulness are some of the
results, in order to reach self-realization and fulfillment.
As a coach accredited by International Coaching Federation at ACC level, I hold the Code
of Ethics and practice the Core Competencies (such as active listening, coaching mindset,
agreements’ establishment and maintenance, trust and safety cultivation, presence,
awareness evocation, growth facilitation). I have more than 200 hours experience in
individual sessions and more than 300 hours in group coaching sessions.
Last but not least, my services could be delivered in English, German and Greek.
So, looking forward to meeting you!
Lilian Tsiavou

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Why should you choose Lilian Tsiavou over other coaches?
Dr. Lilian Tsiavou, after many years of activity in academia, was trained in Personal &
Executive Coaching (Kingston College & Positivity) in programs certified by the

International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has been accredited as a Coach at ACC
level by ICF and she holds the Code of Ethics and practice the Core Competencies (such
as active listening, coaching mindset, agreements’ establishment and maintenance, trust
and safety cultivation, presence, awareness evocation, growth facilitation). She has more
than 200 hours experience in individual sessions and more than 300 hours in group
coaching sessions.
Since her accreditation, Lilian has collaborated with universities and research institutes,
commercial companies, cultural institutions, art organizations and individuals. She is an
active member of ICF Greece and for the last four years, she has been active in the
education committee, co-organizing webinars and events.

Combining her academic background with her career in Coaching, she invented the
innovative tool of Cinema-Coaching, which follows in the footsteps of Cinema-Therapy,
utilizing the transformative effect of cinema on professional and personal development.
Her book “Faust and Me. Cinema-Therapy & Cinema-Coaching Modells” is in press and
will be published approximately in June 2022.

For the last six years, the Cinema-Coaching tool has been applied in individual sessions,
self-knowledge workshops, as well as in business programs to improve the performance of
employees. Its implementation depends on the session goal and is combined with other
coaching techniques and tools. Dr. Lilian Tsiavou works on issues of career, leadership,
(gender) diversity and interculturality, among others.

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Address: 4 P. Mela Street 14123 Lykovrisi, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 69 727 66096
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