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Executive & Leadership Coach | Founder at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Coach: Nilima Lalsare


As a coach trained in Positive Psychology & Emotional intelligence, I work with individuals to develop sharply articulated growth journeys for themselves. Through an innovative 3Ds Framework for Guided Personal Disruption, I help them realign their thoughts and skills towards work & life goals.
I believe that every individual has the necessary traits to take charge of their narrative, and thereby their life. I work with them to identify such traits and streamline their journey, to optimize productivity and foster happiness – at work and in personal life. I understand how individual skills and temperaments chip into the big picture; and help business leaders and entrepreneurs connect the dots through a culture of collaboration, positivity and purpose.

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Having donned many hats in the last 20 years as a customer experience leader, people relations manager and a first-generation entrepreneur - I bring a unique combination of corporate familiarity and subject-matter expertise in psychology, leadership development and organizational change to the table.
My Area of Work
Executive Coaching |Leadership Development| Performance & Potential Acceleration |Team Building|Team Coaching |Leadership Development workshops |Psychometric Profiling | Team Profiling | Workshop Facilitation

Industry Accreditations

Leadership & Executive Coach ICF-ACC
Strengths Coach - Gallup Inc.
Profile Assessor - Thomas
PGDP Counselling - Tata Institute of Social Science

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Address: Hiranandani Estate, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India
Email: Contact this Coach
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