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Executive & Life Coach

Coach: Camelia


Hello- Thank you for stepping into my coaching profile.
I am Camelia, living in Dubai for the past 16 years and I coach from the heart. I, myself, was on a journey of self-discovery of 7-year journey (2012-2019) to find my true self in order to realize that I want to be seen, heard and express my voice out into the world.
I am here step by step to personally help you discover who you really are, where are you in your life now, what it is you want from our coaching, and what skills and talents are hidden within you that are not yet brought into your awareness. And together we will co-create an action plan with specific goals you desire to achieve.
Connect with me for a 30 mins Complimentary Discovery Call to hear your story and challenges you have now.
I am an Intuitive coach who brings wisdom from my spiritual life experience, my strengths (Maximize/ Positivity/ Connectedness/ Communication/ Adaptability)
Do you know that your feelings are your hidden power? Accept and own your feelings and you will gain your power back, is that simple!
Empowering yourself through Coaching!

Coaching service details

Price range $100$ - $700$ ($USD)

* Prices indicated by coaches are approximate hourly rates. Please contact coaches directly for further details.

Contact methods available
Industry specialisations
Administration & Office Support, Advertising / Arts & Media

Qualifications & Specialities

International life experience - over 20 years
Professional Singer
Bachelor’s Degree in arts - Major '' Music Teacher" and Specialization ‘'Conductor Academic Choir''
Corporate experience in Administration as Executive Assistant for Top Management, C-level
Global recognition with International Coach Federation- ICF Associate Coach Certified
Intuitive Coach

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Location / Contacts :

Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: 00971503752017
Email: Contact this Coach
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