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Executive, Sales and Career Coach

Coach: Amadeu Lamounier
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Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching


With a career spanning 30 years in the IT area, under his leadership talent, several projects in the areas of innovation, sales, technology and marketing were executed. Used to leading large teams and strategic processes, he has always worked in leading multinationals in the sector, both in Brazil and Latin America, serving the retail, media, aviation, transport and government sectors. The desire to always pursue different and challenging goals led him to have a unique story. Some interesting facts can be mentioned here, corroborating the idea of ​​his experience in career transition: in addition to his experience as an executive, he has already been a professional actor (see his Youtube channel), international technology speaker, coach and trainer of leadership teams . Coaching sessions available in both Portuguese and English.

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With 30 years of work in the Information Technology area, I am very proud of the professional trajectory I have built as an IT professional.

I worked in several areas in multinational companies of the sector, companies that supply high technology, especially in the technical, marketing and sales career.

I assumed positions of IT specialist, sales executive, management and director for businesses with large clients in Brazil and Latin America.

I was responsible for the development of institutional relationships, negotiations and the creation of innovative solutions for large corporations in the retail, media, aviation, transport, finance and public sector sectors.

I led large teams and strategic processes in leading multinationals in the technology sector.

I learned a lot about organizational culture, working especially in these two spectacular companies with their own DNA: Oracle and Microsoft.

I have always been driven by challenges and have sought very different goals throughout my life, which has led me to build a unique story, polishing something that must be present in the lives of all professionals: restlessness, that inherent desire to expand and achieve something bigger.

In addition to my career as an executive in large companies, I was also a professional actor – check out my YouTube channel – an international technology speaker, trainer and coach of leadership and sales teams.

So many rewarding experiences have enriched me not only as a professional in search of more challenges, but also as a human being, seeking new paradigms of personal and work fulfillment.

Industry Accreditations

ICF PCC - Professional  Certified Coach

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Address: Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 1811 - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo – SP- Brasil – 01426-001
Phone: (5511) 98197-5178
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