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“I want to enlarge choices and awake the right attitude”

Coach: Jorge Bicho
Coaching Categories:
Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching


About me:
●I’m clear and credible when I communicate. I always drive my work through the ICF coaching competencies.
●I adjust my message and delivery appropriately for my Coachees, I want to be the mirror where my Coachees can resonate to make choices.
●I strive to engage using stories and metaphors. I try to captivate the listener. I’m seen to effectively inform, persuade, coach, and inspire.
●I take an interest in others, being honestly curious and show kindness and concern.
●I love to read and wright poetry. Running is my passion and one of my preferred hobbies
What my clients say about me:
●“Focused and talented, helping me to think and open my “Windows””
●“Fun and well humoured, doesn’t need to be always dramatic but takes the best of life”
●“Broadened my horizons –  a good forecaster and strategic thinker, keeping an eye out for patterns and trends across multiple fronts”
●“Paths and destinations arrive in us many times after we are able to ask the right questions. And that was exactly what I felt when trying out a first session with Jorge.
●He is a highly qualified professional who focuses on the best that the individual or organization has and empowers him to obtain the best results and changes”.

Coaching service details

Price range $80€ - $180€ ($USD)

* Prices indicated by coaches are approximate hourly rates. Please contact coaches directly for further details.

Contact methods available
Industry specialisations
All industries

Qualifications & Specialities

●Internal and External Coaching, mainly with Executive and Life Challenge issues.
●ACC certified Coach by ICF
●Leader of Membership Committee for ICF Portugal
●Emotional Intelligence
●People oriented, focused on his development
●Sales Technic Expertise - oriented for results
●Coaching Tools for Middle Management
●Group Facilitation Methods Online -  ICA
●Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst (CPBA)
●I’m a professional with extensive experience in Pharmaceutical Industry as a Training Manager for more than 20 years.
●I have developed several competencies like Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and NLP, as well as Creative Sales and Coaching Techniques, to help more my work with others.
●As Founder and Managing Partner of Upturn, I work as a Coach, Consultant and Trainer, working in partnership with other training companies in areas such as Coaching, Sales, Human Resources (HR), Negotiation and NLP in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.
●Certified Master Practitioner in NLP by ITA, Consultant licensed in Identity Compass, DISC and Pedagogical Certification of Trainers.

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Location / Contacts :

Address: Amadora, Portugal
Phone: +351919750374
Email: Contact this Coach
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