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Key Coaching for Change ICF PCC

Coach: Harrie Willeme
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Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching


My name is Johannes Willeme I’m an all-round business coach and an experienced and creative Leadership Developer. Since 2010 I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coaching Federation. I’m a Dutch citizen, and have been living for over 20 years in Africa and Eastern Europe. I have a fluency in English, French and German. Thanks to my life in Africa and Europe, I have extensive experience in working with senior managers in multi-cultural situations. I have more than 20 years of working experience as a change manager and communication / marketing trainer and adviser In West- and East Africa, as well as in Western and Eastern Europe. Since 2004, I work also as an Executive Coach for senior managers. I am founder and owner of KeyCoachingforChange. I’m a good listener and able to create a safe and relaxed working environment. And last, but not least: Creativity and humour constitute the basis of my method of working

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Price range $100.00 - $200.00 ($USD)

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Qualifications & Specialities

• Advanced level executive coach (Academy of Executive Coaching, London)
• Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

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Address: Burgemeester van der Borchlaan 7 3722 GZ Bilthoven Netherlands
Phone: +31 628474039
Email: Contact this Coach
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