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Mindset Coaching for unhappily successful people

Coach: Nicoletta Pichardo
Coaching Categories:
Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching


I am passionate about helping clients fully step into: I CAN.
Studies have shown that having the right mindset leads to 80% of your success. Yet, most people focus primarily on tools and strategies, only to realize that they are not reaching the level of success and connection they are interested in.
It’s time to grow your business and life from the inside out.
I help my clients achieve the necessary mindset for success – breaking through limiting beliefs, increasing confidence, gaining clarity and focus. And yes – you will learn tools as well.
With a B.A. in psychology and an M.Ed. in counseling, I am a Certifed Professional Coach (and member of the International Coaching Federation), certified in Change Leadership and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I take a strength-based, supportive approach in helping my clients achieve breakthroughs in their lives that lead to lasting change.
When I am not serving my clients, you will find me traveling, enjoying Zumba, hiking, and spending time with my fabulous children. As a native of Munich, Germany, I offer my services in both German and English language.

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Industry specialisations
Education & Training, Healthcare & Medical, Hospitality & Tourism, Information & Communication Technology, Legal, Self Employment

Qualifications & Specialities

B.A. in Psychology
M.Ed. with a concentration in counseling
C.P.C. Certified Professional Coach
Master NLP Practitioner

Industry Accreditations

ICF Certified Coach
iPEC trained coach
ELI- MP (Energy Leadership Master Practitioner)

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Location / Contacts :

Address: 10421 Motor City Drive, Bethesda, MD, USA
Phone: 0013012002884
Email: Contact this Coach
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