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Professional life, career & executive coaching. To inspire & empower positive transformation. Help people to thrive in their lives.

Coach: Carmen Lee
Coaching Categories:
Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Relationship Coaching


I am an ICF PCC professional life, career and executive coach, with great passion for leaders, young professionals and working mothers who want to thrive in their lives. My mission is to inspire and empower positive sustainable change to maximize one’s full potential from within. I coach individuals from MNCs and startups based in N. America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions holistically on their professional and personal development.
Practical corporate architect with experience to partner with leaders and managers to develop themselves and their teams. A passionate and enthusiastic coach, adopting gently aggressive style, able to relate to her clients with empathy and inspire with her authenticity.

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Price range $USD75 - $USD200 ($USD)

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Industry specialisations
Accounting, Banking & Financial Services, CEO & General Management

Qualifications & Specialities

Carmen has more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, she is cross-culturally experienced, having worked in top-tier international private bank, investment banks and accounting firm in Hong Kong and Singapore. Over the past four years of coaching practice, Carmen coached more than 480 individuals with over 730 coaching hours.  Since 2019, Carmen started partnering with a well-established U.S. coaching training provider and a U.S. startup company, offering professional coaching services supporting more than 380 clients from over 85 companies across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. She also provided reverse mentoring to her senior management, coached her directs, as well as being a top performer in her last corporate role.  Carmen is an active member in providing pro-bono coaching to the community, and as volunteer mentor to young professionals. All these demonstrated her passion and strengths in developing others by unleashing their full potentials.
Carmen holds Dual Master Degrees in Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Financial Analysis from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), as well as Certified Public Accountant (HKICPA) qualification in Hong Kong.
Carmen is an International Coach Federation (ICF) member and Professional Certified Coach (PCC).
Singapore, Hong Kong
·      Banking
·      Accounting & Auditing
·      Non-Profit
·      Training leaders & managers on coaching mindsets and skills
·      Personal Leadership & Effectiveness
·      Career Planning and Development
·      Self-awareness
·      Female Leaders & Working Mothers
·      Mental health
·      Finance well-being
·      Life challenges
·      Relationship
·      Evidence based
·      English
·      Mandarin
·      Cantonese
·  Country COO and country managers of sales teams in one of the top Fortune 50 MNCs, coached nine country leaders to transform their coaching mindsets and skills in their leadership roles.
·  General Manager of energy company in Singapore, coached him in finding his confidence and voice among his professional and personal networks, found his identity and role in various social setting.
·  Head of Internal Audit, corporate bank in Hong Kong, coached the executive in her transition into her new role, supported her in successfully making her first 90 days of transition into a key leadership position.
·  Senior Recruitment Consultant, coached her in upward management among all the demanding objectives. She fulfilled her key performance objectives and achieved personal fulfillment.
·  Entrepreneur, chiropractic business in Hong Kong, coached the individual in managing her business needs and staff development priorities. She developed plans for critical business executions by focusing on her top priorities.
·  Professional pen journalist in Japan, coached the individual on career and relationship challenges.

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