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Purpose Coaching w/ Imari



I work with visionaries.
I work with the people who push us forward not because of the size of the paycheck but because of commitment to their purpose. I help people who have found “success” turn it into fulfillment and those who are stuck with “ideas” turn them into results.
You and I are looking for each other if you’re someone who has a deep knowing that you can be more.
That your life could be exponentially more authentic, expansive, and fulfilling – you just need support. I’ve worked with thought leaders in Silicon Valley and visionaries at the Sundance Institute – I know potential when I see it and I have an uncanny ability for coaxing it out of it’s shell and creating a structure for it to thrive.
But all these are just fancy words on a page.
Maybe I’m who you’re looking for, maybe I’m not – who knows? But I do know we won’t know for sure through an eloquently worded bio.
It’s more of a feeling thing.
So if you have a feeling that we might be the next step in each other’s lives, reach out. Send me a message, here or anywhere else on the internet, and let’s have a chat.

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Advertising / Arts & Media, CEO & General Management, Self Employment, Sports & Recreation

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So to toot my horn a bit:
After years as a personal development coach, studying under some of the top celebrity coaches in the industry, I've now led hundreds of people into lives of purpose and passion. (thousands if you include all the speaking tours).
These people have included thought leaders in Silicon Valley and emerging visionaries at the Sundance Institute and they've all been searching for the same thing - a life of fulfillment.
Fulfillment as a result of knowing who you are, owning it, and creating a lifestyle where you can be it every single day. That way, your relationships, career, and ultimately your Purpose all feel: yours. You end up living a life by design rather than default.

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Address: 115 Breeze Ave, #1
Phone: 4438483386
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