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Self-Employment Coaching

Coach: Maggie Karshner
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Business Coaching


I help creative solo-preneurs take that step from working for others to working for themselves in fields such as consulting, coaching, real estate, therapy, massage, dance, yoga, non-profits, and more!
Are you afraid of leaving your job to pursue what you really want to be doing? Are you unsure if you can make enough to live off of doing your dream? Does unstructured time make you worry you won’t get anything done? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of getting a business license and the other tedious parts of running your own business? Are you drawing a blank on how to get more clients?
Together we can turn your passion into a viable business! We’ll make a plan for the transition from employed to self-employed so the step is a small one and has plenty of safety nets. You’ll know before that transition that you’ll be able to pay your bills. You’ll learn strategies for keeping yourself on track and creating the structure you need. I’ll break the overwhelmingly tedious tasks down into manageable steps and guide you through the process. Using my marketing expertise, I’ll provide you with tools and tips on how to make your marketing efforts return the biggest results. We’ll develop a winning marketing plan that will grow your clientele.
I have ten year’s experience encompassing managing a small business, supporting non-profits, corporate business consulting, and, of course, coaching wonderful solo-preneurs. I have a BA in Geography from Syracuse University. I am an entrepreneur myself twice over. I’ve been featured in The Seattle Times and King 5.
I offer a free initial consultation session to all my clients. That’s 30 minutes where we can find out if we’re a good fit, and you can pick my brain for all it’s worth, no strings attached. Book your initial consultation!

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Price range $75.00 - $249.00 ($USD)

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Administration & Office Support, Advertising / Arts & Media, Banking & Financial Services, Consulting & Strategy, Education & Training, Healthcare & Medical, Marketing & Communications, Real Estate & Property, Sales, Self Employment

Qualifications & Specialities

I’ve been self-employed as a coach since 2014, and prior to that, I’d been coaching in my spare time for two years. Before my transition into coaching, I worked in operations, marketing, and corporate business consulting. This included managing a yoga studio for three years. I am an entrepreneur myself twice over: In addition to my coaching practice, I was co-owner of Rain City Blues, an annual blues dance event in Seattle, WA. It was lauded as extremely well organized and broke even in our first year running the event.
I’ve worked with entrepreneurs for the majority of my career. Along the way I’ve developed strengths in marketing, fundraising, event planning, volunteer management, systems development, and implementation of SaaS business solutions.
Daughter of an entrepreneur, I learned sound business principles from an early age. Everything from planning my birthday parties on a budget to selling girl scout cookies. I’m also an alumnus of Syracuse University, where I studied architecture and got my degree in Geography. At Syracuse University I founded the Swing Dance Club.
My coaching philosophy can be boiled down to: I believe in abundance and I have faith that you are completely capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you may face. ("So why do I need your help," you ask?) We all have doubts and self-sabotaging habits that get in the way of our ability to succeed and find fulfillment. As a coach I can re-enforce the good and help you not to dwell on the doubts. We can find the source of the self-sabotaging behaviors and combat them. I also believe that you have a right to live a fulfilled life. I'm happy to help you get to the bottom of what that is, and how to get there (without living the life of a pauper.)

Industry Accreditations

While coaching is inherently not industry-specific, I do have expertise in some specific areas. You’ll find links to pages dedicated to each of those on my website. My coaching philosophy is based on the influence of a number of sources. Most notably, Integrated Movement Therapy and Co-Active Coaching.

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Address: 4501 15th Ave S, Seattle, WA, USA
Phone: 2065885842
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