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Steven Rosen Leadership Coach

Coach: Steven Rosen, MBA


Hi, I’m Steven
I’ve had the privilege to coach hundreds of sales leaders over the past 30 years, and I know sales — inside and out. I’ve been in the trenches and commanded the troops, and I can lend you the depth of experience you need to develop a high-performance culture and lead your team in times of change.

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Price range $1,000.00 - $1,500.00 ($USD)

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Sales Leadership Coach - STAR Results 2003-
VP Sales Biovail 2001-2003
VP Sales and Marketing Alcon Canada 1990-2001
Concordia University MBA 1990 – 1991

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Location / Contacts :

Address: 20 Pickett Crescent, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Phone: 905737-4548
Email: Contact this Coach
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