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Vegan coach, life coach and leadership coach

Coach: Barbara Grabowska


I am ICF-certified (ACC) coach and I would be happy to help you get the best of you!
I have 3 main areas of expertise:
Vegan coach – if your goal is a sustainable lifestyle and you are curious about the plant-based diet I invite you to an inspirational conversation about the health, environment and ethics. I will share my experiences with you but most importantly we will establish what you can do by yourself. If you are a vegan and wish to advocate more effectively for the cause or you are struggling with frustration please know you are not alone. Do not hesitate to reach out and we will together find the best possible way for you to use your passion.
Life coach – supporting your personal growth. Now is the best time to change and improve your life quality! Whether you wish to focus on your relations, work or health – the goal is for you to become your own coach.
Leadership coach – what defines a good leader? How can you support individual strengths of your employees? How can you motivate them? What do you need to know about their situation? How well balanced is your life? These and many more questions can be answered when you work with a coach on the regular basis. You gain the access to a safe space where you can focus on what is going on, what needs to be changed and how. I will ask you powerful questions to evoke discovery, insights, commitment or action. The process will move forward.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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ICF - Associate Certified Coach

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Address: Stockholm, Sverige
Phone: +46700939366
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