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About Us

Where Coachero came from and where we are going

It all started in 2020……….

2020 (and now 2021) has been a challenging year with Covid-19 having a profound impact on all – globally. Many of us were left not knowing where and who to turn to for help, may this be personal, life or business. And now with so many of us either approaching pandemic fatigue or already in the depths, and with further lockdowns and restrictions raising anxiety and psychological distress many of us feel depleted and in need of support.  

The team that make up Coachero also needed that support. Stress, anxiety, and depression for being unemployed, being furloughed, social distancing and security measures, and then the impacts to our mental and physical health started to mount and have a huge emotional impact on us. Our answer? The team that makes up Coachero started to reach out and use the services of Coaches across the globe to help us through our individual challenges. The outcome? Some of us have bounced back – mentally, physically, and spiritually, whilst others continue to use Coaches.

Was there a way to support others? Absolutely!

As reaching out to leading Coaches across the globe helped the Coachero team, we felt a deep sense of responsibility to try and help others and put that sense of self agency back into people.

Now, let’s be straight up, those behind Coachero are not Coaches, but a team that have each used Coaching services, and together wanted to share the value that Coaching provides, and the way in which we wanted to do that was by promoting the best global Coaches and their services through a platform we created. This we now call Coachero (Coach and Hero). An online platform that provides you access to the best Coaches in one centralised place, including their breadth and depth of skills, experience, and knowledge.

We felt variety, reason, diversity, and accessibility go hand in hand, hence why we have a centralised listing of the best Coaches in one place.  

Your happiness is top of mind!

Our set of values? Well our goal for Coachero is to embrace the human race and help one another, transform one another to create better versions of ourselves, and showing continuous endearment towards our team, Coaches, and customers.

So where next?

The principles for Coachero are simple – let’s not complicate things. If you’re a Coach you can create a basic listing for free which is published, and if you’re a customer, feel free to jump onto Coachero and use the search and filters to find and make contact with a Coach.

Our absolute focus remains on you. You’re wellbeing, helping your energy levels back, realigning goals and values, professional growth, and so forth, and we’ll continue to look at every aspect of our business to see what we can do for you. For now? Take a look, and if you feel we can do more drop us a note.