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Career Performance and Leadership Coach

Coach: Mandy Irvine


Everyone has the power within themselves to achieve whatever they desire in life. Mandy is passionate about supporting them on their journey to succeed in their personal and professional lives.
Mandy has enjoyed a successful 17-year career in engineering as a technical expert, trainer, and leader. Working with hundreds of people worldwide has allowed her to bond with people at different seniority levels and from different backgrounds. Her experiences have helped shape how she coaches her clients in leadership development and building professional relationships. She specialises in helping her clients.
Mandy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. She is also an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF and a Master NLP Practitioner Certified by the American Board of NLP.
Mandy has worked in 25 countries throughout the world. This special opportunity allowed her to experience a diverse range of traditions and cultures, strengthening her wealth of cultural knowledge. She incorporates this in her unique coaching style, which she customises for her global clientele. As a technical expert and leader, Mandy used coaching techniques for many different situations faced in the workplace. This approach allowed Mandy to empower her team to think outside of the box and resolve complicated issues independently.
In February 2020, Mandy completed her first 50km trail running race in Thailand, coming in 10th placed woman. Running 50km requires fitness and stamina and incredible mental strength to push through hurdles such as stress and pain when the going gets tough. She shares this mental toughness with her clients to help them stay consistent and help them deal with setbacks and adversity.

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Engineering, Information & Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Mining, Resources & Energy, Science & Technology

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Mandy has been coaching for two years and specialises in coaching women who are working in male dominated environments. She also coaches men who are in leadership roles and who work with women in their organisation.

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Address: Singapore
Phone: +6596130529
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