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Coach: Dr Colleen Lightbody


Dr Colleen Lightbody has been a Personal and Leadership Coach for over 16 years, successfully supporting clients to profound self awareness and personal transformation. She is a respected Master Coach, Trainer, Mentor and International Speaker. Her global experience includes  clients in the Asia-Pacific Region, the United States, Europe as well as throughout Africa, working in a broad range of industries with corporate clients from manager to C-Suite. As well as  a private coaching practice, Colleen also has over 15 000  hours of experience in training, supervising and mentoring coaches up to MCC level. A no-holds-barred approach to coaching distinguishes her style. Individuals are challenged to look inward, understand the fears and conditioned assumptions that are sabotaging their success; and embrace their own potential with curiosity, courage, discipline and presence. The coaching is honest, tough and hard-hitting, yet is experienced in an extraordinarily safe space of non-judgement and positive regard. Clients experience the coaching as a life-transforming gift, enabling peace-of-mind, trust in self, tangible and empowering outcomes and, importantly, conscious living.

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Price range $100.00 - $500.00 ($USD)

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Qualifications & Specialities

16 plus years in coaching.
Specialising in Deep Personal Awareness and Challenge
Master Certified Coach (MCC)-International Coach Federation
Ph.D. in Philosophy-University of Johannesburg
MPhil. in Personal and Professional Leadership-University of Johannesburg
Post Graduate Diploma  in Neuroleadership - Middlesex University
BA Hons (Psychology) - UNISA

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Location / Contacts :

Address: 61 Uranium Street, Witkoppen, Sandton, South Africa
Phone: +2772302211
Email: Contact this Coach
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