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Coach: Sunny Enebi
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Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching


Sunny Enebi, CEO/Executive Coach of Swissfocal Coach Consult is a seasoned Executive Coach and leadership development facilitator, with experience in public and private sectors, capable of offering support to any organisation from Board level, Executive/Senior Leadership through to Key Top Talents. We also offer Transitional Coaching & Performance Coaching

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Qualifications & Specialities

Sunny  has enjoyed a multidisciplinary career spanning over 28 years, 20 of these years were in business leadership roles that  cut across various businesses and functions such as Corporate & Retail Lending, Treasury, Branch Management, Service Delivery, Change Management and People Development.
He is currently CEO/ Lead Consultant, Gnosi Management Centre (GMC), a Global capacity building and development organization. GMC specializes in supporting organizations to build the skills and competencies required to both thrive in challenging and growing economies around the world.
Prior to establishing GMC, Sunny was with Standard Chartered Bank; a world class financial institution operating in over 70 countries. In that role, he was responsible for executing talent and learning agenda covering 2500 staff across  African/Middle East market as well as providing business and executive coaching.

Industry Accreditations

Sunny is a member of several professional bodies including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Certified Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), Certified Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)..

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Address: Apartment 2 Thomond Mills, Georges Street
Phone: +353833062314
Email: Contact this Coach
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