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Executive Coach

Coach: Jose Roberto
Coaching Categories:
Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching


Executive Coach with experience on working with leaders on high positions including “C” level. Highly educated and well trained with expertise in business. Resourceful and focused professional with strong decision-making and organizational skills. Doctorate degree on operations management. Experience as University Professor (graduation and MBA).

Coaching service details

Price range $US$75 - $US$250 ($USD)

* Prices indicated by coaches are approximate hourly rates. Please contact coaches directly for further details.

Contact methods available
Industry specialisations
All industries

Qualifications & Specialities

More than 1700 hours of Coaching (mainly Executive Coaching)
Personal qualifications

  • Goal setting
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Leadership skills
  • Planning and management skills
  • Personal assessments
  • Active listening
  • Business understanding

Coaching Education

  • Life and Executive Coaching 2009 - Integrated Coaching Institute, São Paulo/SP/Brazil
  • Life and Executive Coaching Senior Level 2010 - Integrated Coaching Institute, São Paulo/SP/Brazil
  • The Inner Game Certification with Timothy Gallwey 2013 - The Inner Game School of Coaching Westlake/CA/United States
  • Team Coaching International Certification 2020 Nexi Global, Buenos Aires /Argentina
  • Ericksonian Coaching 2012- Elsever Institute, São Paulo/SP/Brazil

Formal Education

  • Doctorate – Operations Management 2008 - Federal University of Santa Catarina – Florianopolis/SC
  • Master of Science – Operations Management 1999 - Federal University of Santa Catarina – Florianopolis/SC
  • Mechanical Engineering 1993 - Federal University of Santa Catarina – Florianopolis/SC

Industry Accreditations

Professional Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation

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Location / Contacts :

Address: Rodovia Admar Gonzaga - Itacorubi, Florianópolis - SC, Brasil
Phone: +55(48)999630440
Email: Contact this Coach
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