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Self Discovery Coach

Coach: Ian Kay
Coaching Categories:
Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Spirituality Coaching


I take a holistic approach, I don’t tell you what to do.
We will look at your strengths and weakness, look at your values, lower your stress, and align everything in your life and business.
I work with serious people looking to make changes, what I do is not a one week or one month process.  It takes hard work AND I got your back the entire time.

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Price range $125.00 - $500.00 ($USD)

* Prices indicated by coaches are approximate hourly rates. Please contact coaches directly for further details.

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Qualifications & Specialities

iPEC Certified Professional Coach
ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner)
COR.E Dynamics Leadership and Transition Specialist

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Location / Contacts :

Address: 7 Woodland Drive
Phone: 416 - 992 - 5569
Email: Contact this Coach
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